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SM International Financial Analysis

The SM in International Financial Analysis equips you with the key skills for a career in financial analysis: become a genuinely ethical certified financial analyst, capable of managing in an increasingly volatile and complex environment.

The financial sector today employs elite international experts, working in line with regulations and ethical conduct. The techniques taught in the SM in International Financial Analysis teach you how to perform a financial analysis for banks, investors or industrialists. When you join this course, you will combine expertise and rigour, ethics and management.

The SM in International Financial Analysis also prepares you for internationally recognised qualifications in the financial sector: CFA, AMF, Bloomberg, FactSet.

Graduates are particularly popular with brokerage firms, credit rating agencies, and financial analysis departments in international banks.


The SM in International Financial Analysis: international finance expertise

  • 10 years’ experience
  • 400 hours of teaching, of which 25% is in English and in the trading room
  • Obtain internationally recognised qualifications:
    • CFA
    • AMF
    • Bloomberg
    • FactSet
  • The Study Tour to New York. This exceptional immersion trip improves your understanding of the unique featuresof the world's leading financial centre.
  • A course ranked in the top 10 since its launch - SMBG ranking for Masters in Market Finance and Portfolio Management