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MSc in Marketing French Excellence

The MSc in Marketing French Excellence prepares students from any country for a career in International Marketing. In an increasingly complex and competitive global environment, graduates from the programme will have acquired the knowledge to make informed choices as they enter the world of International Marketing, together with the skills and understanding to maximize commercial and personal opportunities throughout their career.

The pursuit of excellence in an aggressively competitive international environment is the challenge faced by business school graduates all round the world. In an increasingly globalised world, the notion of national branding is rapidly gaining importance as a lever to develop and promote commercial, political and cultural differentiation. France occupies a unique position, excelling in cultural diversity, scientific endeavour, hospitality, and business acumen.

The programme uses examples from global industries in which France excels to teach advanced marketing theory and techniques. The curriculum also includes an internship and a final dissertation. It provides a unique challenging experience for students, while maximizing their opportunities for long-term personal and career development.


The MSc in Marketing French Excellence prepares students for a career in international marketing by:

  • Focusing on French centres Excellence as benchmarks for the development of wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of France's outstanding position in international marketing.
  • Analysing in detail marketing strategy and tactics in different French industries to develop distinctive applicable techniques.
  • Providing managerial and operational skills required to excel in the world of international marketing.
  • Studying recent developments in French academic research and practical problem solving to develop the ability to adapt and innovate in real-time.