Master in Management


Professional experience during your studies is essential because it will:

  • Provide you with the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Help to develop your career plan
  • Give excellent added value to your CV


The Master in Management provides for at least 10 months of internships :

  • A 4-month experience-focused internship during the 1st year of your studies, in France or abroad, enables you to apply the knowledge you learnt in the first year, strengthens your skills and helps you identify your preferred field
  • A 6-month internship during the second and third years,  will confirm and refine your career plan and may well help you find your first job

You can apply for the numerous offers that companies advertise directly through the School, or you can look for a business or contract that suits you best.


The Master in Management programme has 650 places for apprentices on its two campuses.

The apprenticeship track is offered:

  • During the 3rd year of the programme, available to all students
  • During the 2nd and 3rd years, only for students who have previously studied management

As an apprentice, you will benefit from employee status in your host company, and will have the same rights and obligations as other employees in the company.
In France, you will have an official job and receive a salary.


The mission of the Talent & Career Development Unit (TCDU) is to help and advise you with the various procedures, to prepare you for a successful, lasting transition into employment.