With CESEM you can gain unique international experience that gives you a dual culture and a double diploma!

This Bachelor’s programme offers a 4-year model based on those found at Anglo-Saxon universities, which is almost unheard of on the French market.

Our CESEM philosophy? It’s to offer you a distinct experience where you are truly immersed in the language and culture of another country. We also give you the key skills you’ll need to become a reactive, agile, and open-minded manager that companies seek out to help them with international challenges.

To achieve this, CESEM relies on the prestigious IPBS consortium (International Partnership of Business Schools), which it co-founded. Through its outstanding network, CESEM enables you to study alternately in France and abroad, at your selected partner school. At the end of the programme you will earn a double diploma, which has high added value in an increasingly globalised professional environment. This double diploma, which combines your French diploma with that from the partner country where you took some of your courses, attests to the international professional and academic skills you will acquire.

In our curriculum, you will develop your interpersonal skills (open-mindedness, adaptability) along with your knowhow (cultural and linguistic skills). While abroad, you will discover different pedagogic methods and develop a new vision for your surrounding environment.

Choosing to enter CESEM also means deciding to take full charge of your curriculum. As soon as you register, you decide on the destination where you want to take half of your courses. This ensures that you will have the international experience that suits you.

Join us and develop the cultural agility that will boost your mobility and give you professional fulfilment in your future roles as an international manager!


  • A double diploma and a dual culture, with two years of schooling abroad
  • A format suitable for continuing on to a master’s degree
  • 12 months of obligatory company immersion, including 6 months abroad
  • Your choice of international study track when registering for the SESAME entrance exam
  • Membership of IPBS, the prestigious consortium co-founded by CESEM