Build your international project!

100% of CESEM students study in two countries: France and a partner country. Whatever study track you choose, this coherent and progressive programme enables you to develop a solid base of managerial skills and bring a strong international dimension to your profile.

1st and 2nd year

The first two years are spent in France, or in a partner country in the European study tracks, with courses concentrating on the acquisition of management fundamentals

  • Introduction to business
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • International studies
  • Organisation and behaviour
  • 2 modern languages including that of the chosen study track

For students who choose a course of study outside Europe, CESEM includes 3 specific supplementary modules :

  • Intercultural management
  • Business law
  • 6-month internship in France

3rd and 4th years

If you began your studies in France, you go abroad to study. If not, you study at CESEM. The learning objectives for the 3rd year are knowledge/skills development, and career orientation in the 4th year.

To achieve this, you take the various modules common to CESEM and its partner schools : Strategy, International Economics, Human Resources, Ethics, Information Systems Management and Logistics/Supply chain Management/Purchasing

A 6-month internship is also scheduled in the 3rd year as well as writing a dissertation

Furthermore, if you finish your curriculum in France, you will take 3 specific modules :

  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Language
  • Specialisation Course

Finally, no matter what campus you complete your curriculum at, you then take 2 majors, chosen according to your career plan: International Brand Management, Corporate Finance, Market Finance, Retail Marketing, Information Systems Management.

Your major is made up of 4 elective courses chosen from the 24 electives offered.


CESEM pedagogy uses different approaches such as Blended Learning (joint use of on-site and distance learning) and Project-Based Learning. This type of teaching creates learning synergies between language and management courses.

Language Certificates

Language qualifications are an essential step in your studies at CESEM, allowing you to prove your language proficiency when entering the job market.

All of our students registered in an English language pathway take the TOEIC.

Other tests are required depending on the track taken:

  • HSK for the French-Chinese Track
  • DELE for the French-Spanish and French-Mexican tracks
  • TOEFL or IELTS for the French-Mexican, French-Dutch and French-American tracks

3rd Languages

CESEM encourages you to learn a third modern language (optional), which will add greater value to your profile as a future international manager.

We offer courses in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese (contact us for conditions).

Further studies after CESEM

If you do not want to enter professional life immediately after graduating, the 4-year format at CESEM offers you numerous opportunities to continue your studies:

  • The Specialised Masters programme

Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, it trains managers to be immediately operational in the professional world. Some examples of the Specialised Masters programmes offered at the NEOMA Business School. SM in International Financial Analysis, SM in Marketing Research and Decision Making…

  • Masters of Science

These programmes, based on the international format, are taught in English to multicultural groups of students. Some examples of the Masters of Science programmes available at NEOMA Business School: M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management, M.Sc. in Marketing French Excellence, M.Sc. in International Project Development…

  • Master in Management NEOMA BS

This advanced programme (Master level) trains managers with solid cross-functional skills and an advanced specialisation, which enables them to enter professional life and rapidly achieve promotion to senior management positions.