Mastère Spécialisé

SM Marketing and Data Analytics

Today, the Big Data phenomenon represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands to rethink their innovation, communication, distribution and services to create a better customer experience.
So more than ever, companies, need marketing staff equipped with the analytical and predictive skills to better identify problems and make the best possible decisions from an ROI perspective.
The SM in Marketing and Data Analytics is placed at the intersection between marketing, technology and predictive approaches with the aim of achieving better marketing performance.

This course enables you to:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities related to marketing decisions in the context of big data
  • Apprehend the anchorage and systematic and organisational complexity in connection with the digital transformation of brands
  • Grasp the methods and the most advanced technologies in terms of exploiting big data
  • To harness predictive analytics to make decisions and the performance of brand marketing

This course makes students experts in Big Data analysis, and the optimisation of marketing strategies.


  • A pioneering stance, perfectly in line with the current business needs
  • A unique opportunity to develop or consolidate the analytical dimension of marketing decisions
  • A “Big Data Immersion” seminar in London in partnership with Imperial College.
  • Sandwich course promotes employability and meets the demands of businesses
  • An innovative, vocational teaching approach: simulation, projects, challenges, expert speakers, etc.
  • RNCP registered, Level I (5-year higher education course)