EMBA - Executive Master in Business Administration


To become a visionary leader who can drive change in a globalised world, it is vital for you to be aware of changes in international markets and best practices from abroad.

To this end, the Executive MBA includes two study tours in Asia and North America.

The aim of these immersion tours is to improve your understanding of the economic, social and cultural specificities of a certain part of the world.

The study tour in China (Shanghai and Beijing) covers international trade and globalisation

While in China, you will reflect on subcontracting and forming industrial, commercial and international partnerships which are becoming increasingly common. You will learn how companies have adapted their business models to succeed in emerging markets. You will also fully grasp the contrast between Shanghai and Beijing.

The study tour in Silicon Valley and San Francisco focuses on financing innovation

You will learn about the different ways of financing innovation and the new business models being used in this technological innovation cluster. You will visit start-ups, incubators and investment funds.