EMBA - Executive Master in Business Administration


The next Executive MBA programme will start in March of 2018. Join us for a profoundly transformative experience for both you and your career in a format that perfectly suits your professional schedule.

A curriculum built around 3 key phases

The curriculum is set up around 3 different phases lasting 6 months each. The combination of these 3 phases covers the essential skillset for an executive manager: analysis, strategy and change management.

Phase 1: Being able to make a 360° analysis of the company and its competitive environment

You will develop the first skill of an executive manager by learning how to make a complete assessment of your company’s situation: market positioning, financial balances, cost structures, social climate, flow performances, mobilisation of the executive committee, strategic review, etc. During this first phase, you will participate in:

  • 5 seminars (Strategic analysis, Financial analysis, IS analysis, Logistics and Supply Chain analysis, HR and organisation analysis).
  • Experience Made By NEOMAAn international immersion programme in China (Shanghai and Beijing). This study tour, which alternates between teaching company visits, will help you to better understand the challenges of globalisation and international business.

Phase 2: Developing, modernising and financing new strategies for your organisation

Your teams and your shareholders expect you to provide vision, strategy, outlook and high-level performance. You will be able to analyse strategic innovations, compare business models and outline new strategic scenarios.

During this second phase, you will participate in:

  • 5 seminars (Entrepreneurship and company creation, Strategic Management and the executive management profession, company financing, Big Data, Marketing decisions)
  • Experience Made By NEOMAAn An international immersion programme in California (San Francisco and Silicon Valley) where a course at UC Berkeley, visits to incubators and companies like Google, SalesForce and Oracle will teach you how to introduce, finance, and manage innovation.
  • A seminar at Imperial College (London): Managing Innovation.

Phase 3: Succeeding with company changes and transformations

This is the moment where you implement your strategy. This third phase focuses on communication, change management, entrepreneur/executive negotiating skills and posture.

  • 5 seminars (Organisational Design and sustainable development and social responsibility of companies, Effective change management, Negotiation success, Transformative Leaderships, Integrated corporate management)
  • Experience Made By NEOMAA leadership programme with the French Naval Commandos on the naval base in Lorient where you will learn about the importance of effective and simple communication while part of a team facing danger, fatigue, or simply the unknown.

Personalising your personal development path

4 personal develop paths led by professional specialising in career management are offered, depending on your professional goals:

  • "Career" PATH: to prepare your transition into another sector or another company
  • "Assertiveness" PATH: to assert yourself in the new functions as executive manager at your current company
  • "Company creation/takeover" PATH: to create or take over a company
  • "Transition and consulting manager" PATH: to explore the field of transition management and add the expertise of a consultant to the 360° vision of the company

Thematic workshops focused on the current issues facing managers and the needs expressed by the students are also included in the curriculum (relational intelligence of managers, personal branding, using social media, public speaking, etc.)

vincent verdonck Vincent VERDONCK - Head of Sales France & Belgium - Air Europa - Future 2018 Graduate

I chose the EMBA at NEOMA BS for its a strong, differentiated teaching methods, its excellent faculty and executive administration, the four trips/seminars offered, two of them taking place abroad (Silicon Valley and China), its twenty-three-year history and its historic location in Paris, its effort to create mixed classes intended for a range of ages and backgrounds and for its high ranking as an executive programme. In the end, NEOMA BS was the natural choice.

S Rodriguez Stéphane Rodriguez de Linares – 2015 Graduate
Commercial Director, AR Industries

"From my time in the Executive MBA programme, I remember the importance of its business plan aspect as a long-term project and also the reflection and brainstorming put into which subject to choose: a personal project that I could use later on in my career or the search for a start-up that needs help? I chose the latter option and contacted the business incubators in my region.
It was Atlanpole in Nantes that put me in contact with the company ELLECTRA, which wanted to structure its business plan and do fundraising. It was an enriching experience for many reasons. Since the subject was interesting I was able to put to use what we learned in the seminars, which gave me the chance to learn about the difficulties that entrepreneurs can encounter."