EMBA - Executive Master in Business Administration


The Executive MBA is organised in three teaching phases linked to the course’s learning objectives :

Phase 1 : Full analysis of your company and its competitors

You will develop the first key skill of a top manager: the ability to carry out an exhaustive assessment of your company’s situation.

During this first phase, you will take part in :

  • 5 seminars (analysis of company’s strategy; financial position; IS; logistics and supply chain; and HR and organisational structure);
  • a study tour in China (Shanghai and Beijing) combining teaching with company tours to improve your understanding of the challenges of globalisation and international trade.

Phase 2 : Planning, implementing and financing new strategies for your organisation

Your teams and shareholders look to you for a vision, strategy, perspective and outstanding performance. You will consider strategic innovations, compare business models and outline new strategic avenues.

During this second phase, you will take part in :

  • 5 seminars (entrepreneurship and setting up a business; strategic management and the role of a company director; financing a business; decision-making; and legal and tax frameworks);
  • a study tour to California (San Francisco and Silicon Valley) where you will learn how to initiate, finance and manage innovation through classes at UC Berkeley, as well as trips to incubators and businesses such as Google, SalesForce and Oracle.

Phase 3 : Achieving effective change and transformation within your company

Once a strategy has been adopted, it has to be implemented effectively. You will make communication, change leadership, negotiation and an entrepreneurial and/or executive approach part of working practice.

The 5 seminars in this phase focus on :

  • compagny organisational structure and sustainable growth;
  • driving change effectively;
  • successful negotiation;
  • transformational leadership;
  • integrated company management

You will also take part in a unique and instructive simulation exercise : a leadership internship with the Commandos de Marine at their base in Lorient, where you will learn the importance of effective, simple communication within a team facing danger, fatigue or simply the unknown.

Personalise your programme

The Executive MBA offers a complete personal development programme that starts with an induction seminar; personality tests (including MBTI and OADE tests), the results of which are discussed individually; workshops facilitated by professionals; and personalised coaching provided by career management professionals, broken down into 4 “pathways”, to respond to your individual professional goals :

  • “Career” PATHWAY: to help you prepare to move to another sector or company.
  • “Assertiveness” PATHWAY: to help you assert yourself in your new role as a top manager in your current company.
  • “Setting up/Taking over a business” PATHWAY : to help you take over a company or set up your own business.
  • “Transition manager and consulting” PATHWAY : to help you explore the field of transition management and combine a holistic vision of a company with the expertise of a consultant.

Themed workshops are also held at regular intervals throughout the course. These workshops cover the issues facing today’s executives, such as relational intelligence, personal branding, how to use social networks effectively, public speaking and effective communication.

The workshop programme may change depending on participants' needs.