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Our solutions and our programmes

To respond as best as possible to the needs of businesses, we offer a full range of pedagogic programmes: short and long-term, diploma, certification or qualification based, in-person learning, e-learning or blended-learning, on our campuses or on site at the business (in France and abroad).

The instruction in our diploma-granting programmes can also be personalised.

Our Solutions

Personalised programmes for :

  • Senior managers
  • High-potential personnel
  • Middle Management
  • Operations managers
  • Managerial posts

Programmes and modules granting diplomas and certificates

Our personalised programmes can also be added to existing diploma and certificate-granting programmes: Manager-focused, our Specialised Masters, our Operational Manager of Distribution and Department Manager, and all other programmes approved by the state through the National Education Department or Labour Department (RNCP certification). We also offer Management Certification Programmes and BADGE degrees awarded by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Examples of subjects:
Management and Leadership
Our modules are also organised so they can be taken within the framework of our programme tracks

VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience)

VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) can assist you in providing professionalization to your employees through a diploma programme based on their experience.