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Our commitment: helping you create a programme that best suits you

To respond to the strategic challenges of your business, we work with you to develop a personalised programme. Through a co-constructive approach, we map out together the programme’s objectives that match your business’s context and its strategic points of focus

Our co-constructive approach:

Preliminary analysis of expectations and needs in their proper context:
With your cooperation, we draw up an initial diagnostic of your needs and objectives while taking into account the context of your business, your organisational culture and your talent development priorities. This first stage allows us to construct the most appropriate solution for your business. Ensuring that a close relationship is maintained between the subjects dealt with in our programmes and the daily life and environment of the programmes’ participants is our priority. It guarantees that we never lose focus of the priorities set forth in the programme while giving greater value to the investment of the participants.

Programme development:
Based on the defined diagnostic and with the support of a pedagogic director, we construct with you the programme’s architecture and define the pedagogic content and methods.

Quality control and continuous improvement:
We assist participants throughout the entire programme and encourage the sharing of experience to continually adapt the programme’s contents and its pedagogic direction. This is how we ensure on a regular basis the effectiveness of these programmes throughout our collaboration. We create tools that can measure the produced effects and the results obtained during and after the programme: short-term and long-term educational evaluation, impact survey, personalised development plans, etc.