Invest in your company’s future. Support NEOMA Business School.

The apprenticeship tax is payable primarily by companies that employ staff and operate a commercial, industrial or small business in France.

By choosing to allocate your apprenticeship tax to NEOMA Business School, you can promote innovation and help to train the young talent of today – your future employees.

The apprenticeship tax is a vital resource in supporting NEOMA Business School’s development, thanks to which the School has recently been able to finance :

  • the expansion of its extensive connected networks, for the benefit of its students and partners;
  • the development of outstanding new learning resources, to ensure that our students are properly prepared for the challenges they will face in the future;
  • the deployment of personal development initiatives for our students, to help them build their dream career;
  • the production of relevant, rigorous research that brings new knowledge to the world of business, while at the same time ensuring that our courses remain at the cutting edge of best practice.

How to allocate your apprenticeship tax

Instructions for paying the tax

WHEN? By 29 February 2016 at the latest (payment deadline)

TO WHOM? Your apprenticeship tax collection agency (Organisme Collecteur de la Taxe d’Apprentissage or “OCTA”)

HOW? By clearly indicating to your collection agency how you wish your tax to be allocated :

    • names and addresses of your chosen programmes;
    • names and addresses of the apprenticeship training centres (Centre de Formation d'Apprentis or “CFA”) to which you wish to allocate your tax (for the Rouen Consular Higher Education Management and Technology Training Centre (CFA ESCMT), please specify the NEOMA BS course);
    • the amount/percentage to be allocated to each (nonquota) approved category and the amount of the quota to be allocated to CFAs.

Approved programmes :

(3) Specialised Masters and Masters of Science (MSc)

Reims: SM in International Financial Analysis, SM in Business Development and Key Account Management, MASTERNOVA SM, MSc in Marketing Intelligence and Innovation, International Master in Luxury Management, MBA

Rouen: SM in Corporate Communication Strategies, SM in Marketing Research and Decision Making