Strong historical expertise combined with a new vision of leadership

Rich in over 140 years of history, NEOMA Business School benefits from the strengths which have made the excellence of its founding Schools and its international partners.

Since their creation, in 1871 for Rouen and 1928 for Reims, the two schools are based on strong links to the professional world, ambition geared towards the international stage whilst remaining well-rooted in its own territory, a network of unified and involved graduates, and academic recognition with EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA...

Marketing, Finance, Business, Supply Chain... so many discipline's which NEOMA Business School's leading expertise in terms of research and teaching is no longer questionable. The exceptional careers paths of many thousands of graduates are the best proof.

Today, in a rapidly evolving world where change has become the norm, ensuring a sustainable employability, means to know how to treat change like an opportunity for development, more important than individual success, to know how to harness talent and work towards a collective goal.

The heart of our role remains the same as it was 140 years ago: to produce leading edge knowledge in all disciplines of management sciences to serve the education of students.

Three strong and differentiating biases

Therefore, NEOMA Business School chose 3 strong biases, of a transversal and original nature, reflective of real internal expertise :

Leadership and Agility

We are no longer talking about central leadership, isolated and all-powerful but rather, a shared leadership to maximise the effectiveness of organisations.



Beyond creating or taking over a business, we want to instil a genuine mindset that always aims to innovate, create, experiment.


Personal and professional development

We prepare students for a successful and sustainable professional integration, on the basis of key managerial skills, in line with the requirements of businesses.


Through our programmes, our research, our partners ... we come back to the very notion of leadership and prefer to talk about #Humanship This philosophy guides our actions. It structures our mission. It represents everything in which we believe.

A "made by NEOMA BS" experience

NEOMA Business School decided to prioritise investing in these three axes of differentiation. To implement them, we rely on several assets that have built our reputation :

  • A powerful network of academic partners around the world with a genuine policy for immersion during placements abroad: no more than 5 or 6 students per destination ensuring a true integration into the local environment, while benefiting from teaching of the highest standard thanks to reputable partners.
  • A powerful network of companies , recognized by several rankings and studies: through internships, apprenticeship contracts, study trips, speakers ... our proximity to the business world helps to ensure the legitimacy of our teachings.
  • An innovative teaching style , based on experimentation with new situations and a real immersion into a simulated environment: integration seminars in situation takes the student out of their comfort zone (in the Marine commandos for example), business games and case studies...