Mission, Vision, Values

NEOMA Business School, a Grande Ecole for Management :

  • Built on solid historical foundations
  • Respected by its alliance of referent schools
  • Recognised for its unparalleled academic network...
  • ...and for the strength of its links to the world of business
  • Drawing on a network of alumni among the most powerful

Word from the Dean

These days, it is not the strongest who survives, it’s the most adaptable.
Turbulence has become the norm, proactivity and innovation, the solutions.
It is in response to this new situation that NEOMA Business School renews the managerial approaches and puts them at the heart of its strategy.

Frank BOSTYN, Dean

Our mission: Educate and guide the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Individuals or organisations… we are all involved in transformational movements which become permanent. We can be strongly destabilised as both the goal posts move and the obstacles we face come one after the other. How then, can the leaders create spaces for innovation and start the individuals and groups off on a new initiative?

As a first class international school, NEOMA Business School’s self-set mission is precisely to educate and support the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, capable of exercising responsible leadership and exceed the prevailing models.

Our vision

Being renowned for an innovative educational strategy, for training imaginative and responsible leaders, who will constantly adapt to an ever changing global environment... That is the vision that drives NEOMA Business School.

Our state of mind : #Humanship

More than knowledge, we teach our students to develop their own skills in terms of leadership, to challenge different points of view and reinvent established models, to take into account their emotions and cultivate a sense of empathy, to stay connected and utilise talents, with the collective performance as a main focus.

Through our programs, our research, and our partners ... we come back to the very notion of leadership and prefer to talk about #Humanship. This philosophy guides our actions. It structures our mission. It represents everything in which we believe.

Our values: Openness, Entrepreneurship, Respect and Excellence

In this constantly changing environment, four key values guide NEOMA Business School every day in its Education of new generations: Openness, Entrepreneurship, Respect and Excellence. These are values that we have at heart to share with our students, graduates and more generally across the communities that evolve in our environment.

  • We consider Openness as an essential value more than ever. Facing a rapidly changing world, curiosity, adaptability, an open mind and a taste for innovation have emerged as solutions.
  • The concept of Entrepreneurship is also crucial. It refers to the ability to take initiative, to develop innovative projects and harness human and material resources.
  • Respect for others, synonymous with tolerance, without losing critical thinking, implies a sense of moral responsibility and a taste for dialogue. In this sense, we do not see it a passive attitude, but a commitment. Associated with having an open mind and entrepreneurship, demonstrating respect requires a willingness to engage with others and show a social and responsible behaviour.
  • Excellence is the common thread of our performance. We consider the good as the enemy of excellence. Therefore NEOMA Business School works every day to become better in all its endeavours.