Choosing to study abroad at NEOMA BS

Every year NEOMA Business School hosts around 1500 students from its academic partners. These students either come for a short-term study exchange, obtaining transfer credits, or stay longer, and receive a NEOMA degree.

You can acquire important international experience by spending one or two semesters on one of our 3 multicultural campuses, which count as credit towards your degree course.

In addition to learning about the culture and character of France and other European countries, you will develop in an enlightening international environment; each year NEOMA Business School hosts students of 80 different nationalities who interact every day with our home-based students and international faculty.

A team dedicated to your integration and growth

As an international student, you will enjoy the services of the International Student Service Centre. It will be your main contact before, during, and after your time at NEOMA Business School.

The central aim of this department is to help you settle in and achieve your development goals at our school.

The department offers numerous services:

  • Advice and information (on administrative procedures, social security, insurance, opening a bank account, etc.)
  • Logistics: booking accommodation, airport shuttle services, etc.
  • On-campus hospitality and support (welcome days, campus tours, etc.)
  • Organising events to help you settle in (such as forums and information sessions, etc.)

You will receive a student guide as soon as you arrive. In it you will find detailed, helpful information about the school and its environment, as well as the administrative procedures required when you arrive.