Studying abroad at one of our partner institutions

International exposure, at the heart of our education

What sets NEOMA BS apart from many of its competitors is that it has deliberately chosen to send many students out to many different partners, rather than sending large groups of students out to a few partner institutions.

At NEOMA we believe that this greatly enhances the international experience and prepares you better for tomorrow’s global labour market. The school cooperates with many prestigious schools and universities on every continent. This strategic choice ensures the quality of your learning experience and the academic excellence of the professors at our partner institutions.

Rather than export our expertise, we prefer to expose you to the experts and teaching methods of the country where you are studying.

We see two major virtues in this:

  • It expands your professional skills reinforcement by exposing you to a different approach,
  • It internationalises your knowledge and social skills, which recruiters value highly.

Essential multicultural skills

As part of a small group of no more than ten students, you will experience genuine international exposure. By experiencing life in a foreign country over several months, you will discover a new culture. More than this, you will develop a multicultural outlook through contact with different nationalities, improve your language skills, and learn to manage new communication situations.

It is an opportunity to significantly expand your range of skills and knowledge as well as your social skills, in line with the expectations of today’s professional world.